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How and why Permanent Makeup and Ripar Cover is my passions?

Georgine Cetusic
Georgine Cetusic

It all started when I was stopped by a famous hairdresser in Austria and got a hairstyle suited my face shape. This was a fun, yet thoughtful moment, when I realized that I could not get a haircut because I did not have eyebrows. This was an embarrassing situation for me, where I at this moment felt naked without eyebrows. Since then, I have everyday for seven years, drawn my eyebrowes myself and hoped that it will come a day where I would not have to do this anymore. Then 3 years ago, an article appeared that got my attention, the title was 'Eyebrows as a birthday present'. The article was about micro pigmentation, which is a temporary tattoo. This proved to be the solution to my problem with the eyebrows. This was something I had been wanting for a long time, and finally I got it for my birthday. This resulted in that I could finally feel comfortable with myself. From this day, I finally could stop drawing eyebrows on myself.

Already a few days after my birthday, I decided to go on a course for Permanent makeup, for this was something I definitely wanted to work with in the future. Eyebrows should be customized to any face. One gets the eyes highlighted and gives a refreshing look which is important for the wholeness of the face. Eventually I got really eager to learn as much as possible about Permanent Makeup. It ended up with that I took several courses the next two years. Something that particularly captivated me with this job is seeing the smile after the customer has received the awaited eyebrows.

When it comes to Ripar Cover which is my second passion. I discovered it on a webpage when I needed some camouflage to cover scars in the summer season. After I tested the products, I was so excited by the results that I signed up to be a Ripar Cover makeup artist.

Finally, I can announce that I am a person who is always ahead of time and I am a curious personality that has led me to explore new opportunities, which in turn has given me good experiences. Lastly, I look at myself as a creative and passionate person who has for a long time had a desire to make a difference where I can help people.

Happiness lies in making others happy, in forsaking self-interest to bring joy to others.

- Paramahansa Yogananda

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