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Perfect for those who

It is lovely to be able to go outside the home without worrying about the need to make yourself presentable first! It is painless! I use anesthesia in all treatments both before and during treatment as long as you are not allergic to lidocaine. By use of micro-pigmentation or permanent makeup, colors are not used as much as in regular tattoo. Because of this, colors will subside after a few years. Therefore, it is possible to change the micro pigmentation or permanent makeup later if desired.

Microblading is the latest trend in permanent makeup and gives a fantastic result of shaping eyebrows. With this technique, the hair is tattoed so that eyebrows look more natural. Although it looks like the same kind of treatment as permanent makeup with machine, there is a big difference between ordinary permanent makeup and microblading. It is a totally different technique. To perform professional microblading techniques, you have to practice special techniques that can only be acquired through training of professionals. Microblading provides natural thin eyebrow hair on eyebrows.

How is this done?

Eyebrows are initially drawn up with customization to the facial contouring and eyebrow color will be adapted to your skin type. Straight after the first treatment, the color seems very strong, but after one week it will be approximately 40% lighter. Therefore, you will need a refill. A new refill after 3 weeks or within 3 months is included in the price of first treatment. First replenishment is recommended after approximately a year.

Can those with allergies to regular makeup get treatment?

In extreme cases, I do an allergy test before treatment by implanting a small amount of pigment in for example the scalp. From the result, we will consider further procedure. However, in practice, even those with very sensitive skin can get a permanent makeup.

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