What is RIPAR COVER Makeup?

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Ripar Cover is the solution for those who suffer from dry skin, clogged pores or other skin reactions using conventional makeup. Using Ripar Cover Makeup gives a skin friendly product that covers perfectly and gives posibilities for variations. Ripar Cover Makeup is long lasting, water resistant, hypoallergenic and protects against UVA / UVB rays.

Perfect for those who:

Ripar Cover fits all skin types, including sensitive or blemishes skin. The makeup gives a natural result, as well as it makes the skin breathe, and can therefore be used every day without giving irritations. Consistency and coverage of the cream makes it easy to use and the final result fits perfect in every situations (everyday makeup, party, wedding, long lectures or workouts). Perfect makeup for photography, fashion shows, commercials, TV, in fact any situation requiring a prolonged makeup. Products are waterproof and stays on even when you sweat.

The skin gets a soft finish and a smooth result that hides fine lines, redness and impurities. In addition Ripar Cover protection against the sun's harmful UV rays, prevents against sunburn and early skin aging. There is no problem combining Ripar Cover with other product, like for instance adding rouge or bronzer over.

Interested in the products?

Ripar Cover makeup is not sold through online shops, since it must be customized for each individual's skin type.
If you have birth spots, moles, tattoos, scars etc. then you must have training in use of Ripar Cover. I normally reserve one hour for this.

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